About Us

We design and bring to life the kind of buildings that we want to live and work in. This ability comes from our understanding of what you need the building to do for you and the project experience we have gained over many years.  

On all projects we aim to tie the building to it's purpose and to it's users. That is how the building was meant to be envisaged.

We have a great tradition of make great design and making great working buildings. We have won many awards for our creative designs that loved every minute of the process of making buildings work.

Amazing Materials

We love materials, old and new, and love to keep abreast of new technologies and techniques to get the most from a substance and look. 

We do a lot of work with novel materials and amazing clients with fantastic ideas.

DSR enjoys making every building a success - what other result could there be? This does put extra work on ourselves but we do enjoy it and we're ready for any new problem as it arises.

Our Experience Is Your Guarantee

We have extensive experience working on listed buildings and have a number of awards for this work too. Protected structures are a very specialised area of architecture and you need a company with expereince to get a good result. The structure has to be maintained but there is still a lot of freedom in what can be done with the building. 

From the very first discussions with a client to visiting a client in their new building, we love the process. We enjoy working together as a team - a team with extensive resources and a team with a great plan.

We do numerous reviews of the project schedule through the build phase to ensure that everything is going according to schedule and that the customer is up to date on all the details and is happy with the progress.

We can also email your reports on a particular frequency if yo uare going to be away from the project address for extended periods of time and we can make an appointment for you to call into us when you are next in Dublin.

These reports can also be uploaded to our customer-update system where you can log in and see (and download) all previous progress reports. Within this system you will also be able to see any other notes on the progress of the build and specific timelines e.g. foundations, window installation etc.

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