Dormer Redesign

Expert input can improve your home. Most of us perform better in bright, well designed living/working spaces and an architect has the skills and experience to change your current building into a better space to live.

A creatively designed project can add space which is airy and better integrated into every day life while making maximum use of orientation and garden etc.

A well thoughtout renovation can release the potential of a building and enable you to maximise it's use.

The conversion of an attic/garage can give you valuable new space and increase your capacity for working, living and enjoying life.

Frequently a combination of an extendion, renovation or convertion will increase the potential of a building.

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Hi William
Reply #2 on : Sun January 26, 2014, 17:01:08
Thanks for that Willam. When you want us to have a look at your building plans give us a call or email and we'll schedule a meeting.


Steven - DSR
William O'Connor
Posts: 2
Reply #1 on : Sat January 18, 2014, 15:34:07

I liked your comments on the above blog topics and your testimonials read well too. I must get you to look through some plans I have for my own property.


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