Applying for Planning Permission

How Does One Make a Planning Application? To get planning permission you must make a planning application to your local authority.

There are four types of planning permission that you can apply for: Permission, Outline Permission, Permission consequent to the grant of outline permission and Retention.

The most common type of permission is for full permission. Can I meet with the Planning Authority Body beforehand?

Of course, this is in reference to a pre-planning consultation and you can ask for it by phone, in writing or email. 

Required Information

You must submit the following pieces of information: Name and Address, Contact Details, Address, Site map: Scale 1:2500 within the proposed site outline, rough size of the site, any Legal interests in site, i.e. Owner/ Purchaser, a Description of this proposed development, additional enquiries.  

Once this info has been submitted, the enquiry will be lodged with the relevant planner for that section, who will reply wit han appointment date.

Quicker Applications

Once all the correct material and references are in place it makes your application run more smoothly. Obstacles can still appear but they are easier to deal wit hand less frequest if all the correct paperwork has already been sourced.

Pre Submission Work

This pre-planning work also saves a lot of time and money. You should also consider the timelines involved - all the different stages will have ballpark timelines that are worth knowing. There can be variances but the guideline timelines are correct is the vast majority of cases. 

If you are going to be away on holidays at any point over the planning permission process, give us plenty of notice so we are prepared to do all the correspondence with the planning authorities.

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