Building Surveys

Conducting a full measured survey of an existing building, prepare a report and then advise you on the condition.

We have developed automated procedures with technologies such as laser scanners and dedicated mapping software to create a complete building survey package.

The data is drawn on specialised field computer systems in a live scenario enabling QA checks to be applied immediately in situ to ensure quality. Our drawings can be provided at various sizes depending on the project in question and customr specifications.

We have been providing building surveys for 20 years and in that time we have surveyed around 1000 buildings from floor plans of 3 bedroom houses to full building surveys of department stores and factories.

Better Surveys With Good Technology

This extensive experience in addition with our ongoing investment in the very latest technology ensures DSR can take on your building survey no matter what size it is.

We can also do surveys with a lot of the machinery or furniture still in place - we'll know what does need to be removed on inspection of the premises.

We have expeirience with retail premsies too where shop displays and branding material didn't impede the work. It is also a good idea to speak with any repait/service companies who will be doing work around the same time.

They will want to know that a survey is being done and equally we want to know if there are any works planned for the same day that we will be on the premises. We will have our own public liability insurance to cover the work and have men and equipment on your premises.

Out Of Hours Service

It is also a good idea to have surveys carried out outside the 9am-6pm timeframe and we can offer that service but it is considerably more expensive to have the same work done during these hours. Give us a call and we can go through all these details over the phone.


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