Project Management

We have extensive project management experience and take take a leading role or minor role in your building project .... whatever you need. These are the areas we can help you with:

Project Conception

Your plans will be carefully examined to ascertain whether or not it all knits together nicely. 

During this analysis phase, a decision making team will decide if the current project can completed in it's current form or whether a redesign is required on some or all of the project.

Project Definition

Your project plans will be put in writing, explaining the work tha tneeds to be completed. In this section, a team should put the project components in order, figure out the budgets and timelines, and see what materials are needed from start to finish.

Building Project Start

The schedule of work is allocated to the individual team members and the work commences. This is a vital point to highlight important project related details.

Project Control 

Our building supervisors will analyse the current project status and the expected project status and see how the project is performing. Timelines and resources may need to be adjusted as details come to the surface and deadlines approach.

Project Reporting

We will do weekly updates to our project-update system (which you can access) and this will give you huge visibility on how your project is doing. We will have regular weekly reports in there from the start of the project and any other large events in the life of the project e.g. foundations poured today, windows installed today.

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