Planning Seminar 12th July

Price: €109.00
Additional Information: Includes €200 voucher book & 20% off AAI Membership
This seminar will be very useful for everyone who is going to be involved in a planning application over the next few years.

We are continually immersed in planning applications, and have been for many decades, so we have a lot to offer in terms of advice and lessons learned.

The seminar will run from 10am until 3pm and will be aimed at non architecture people but will have enough technical content to gran everyone's interest.

Seminar Title: How to succeed in a planning application 

Location: Our premises in Dublin 2

Seminar Topics:

  • The planning process
  • Pre-planning: be oprganised
  • The paperwork - all the forms and what they're for
  • Timelines - what are the different stages in the process and how long will each typically take
  • Additional Content - always be ready to submit extra info if required

If you are having a particular planning issue bring along some supporting documentation, letters you have received from the verious planning authorities and anything else that will help us understand what the issues are.

We will have our full team there on the day so we can definately shed some light on the matter for you irrespective of how up to date on the project details you may feel you are. We'll also be bringing some colleagues from other companies so that as many people as possible get some professional, free advice.

It WILL Be Free, Friendly Advice

We won't be pitching a sale really - it's more about brand awareness and as we give some good advice some business will always follow.

Don't forget to bring any material with you that you'd like the professionals to have a look at. Any drawings you have, feedback from the planning authority, important dates, records etc ... they'll all help to fill in the picture for the architect that you're speaking with.

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