Unusual Planning Cases

Price: €900.00
Additional Information: Total price of seminar. Includes vat@23%
This practice has been in the business a long time and we have gatherd a few grey hairs along the way.  

This did give us a very good knowledge of the planning laws and in particular retention of planning.

We now feel we can offer this to the public as a packaged service.

The retention of planning product will include consultation with us at our office where we go through all the details, followed by a site inspection where we see the property itself.

From there we can proceed with the application on your behalf.

There will nonetheless be some twists and turns along the way and some additional questions to be answered but we will be acting as intermediary for you.

Inspector Meetings Are Included

This product also includes us meeting with Planning inspectors in our office and 1 additional site visit to your premises with the inspector.

At every junction in our correspondence with the planning authorities we will keep you up to date on the progress and we'll express our opinion of how things are going in the application.

This package assumes you have drawings done up already and you know have any other material to hand regarding the property extension/addition. 

The retention process can take from 3 months to a year to complete on average, but longer time spans have been known.

You will need to place a sign outside your premises during this period so as to inform interested parties that you are effectively applying for planning again and they have the right to object. This sign must be in full view of anyone passing the property. 

The sign has to be in place for 3 months and more in certain cases. Your Architect will be able to provide you with a few copies of that notice and don't forget to cover the notices so that the rain doesn't make them unreadable.

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