Last year when we decided to revamp our 40 y/o suburban home instead of trying to sell and buy again, we were very clear on what we wanted and we were looking for an architect who would listen to our vision.

To expand this product floor was a challenge from the very beginning but DSR Services really helped us get through it and we’re in a totally different place now commercially to where we were a year ago. It’s nice to able to say that you’re in so much demand that you need to expand but it’s not as easy as you’d think between wrestling the bank for credit and keeping your customers assured of supply lines.

DSR helped us get precisely the extension that we wanted. We knew roughly what we wanted but they brought a lot of ideas and experience to the table and that has made our home project even better.

Running a business in the city centre has its challenges but changing our retail image and giving our flagship store a facelift before the busy Christmas market was one of the biggest leaps of faith we’ve ever taken.

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